My Dive into Marvel

(Or a lengthy confusing rant about how messy Marvel characters and plots are)

I’ve always been a passive fan of Marvel. I would go to the movies and enjoy them, but they just seemed like your general superhero movie blah blah blah. That is until about Age of Ultron when I slid from passive fan to super hyped annoyingly frat-boy-at-a-sporting-event fan.

About this time, I was also really getting into graphic novels (I have a post talking about my first steps into the genre with some rad recommendations), but the world of superhero comics and graphic novels seem like it was entirely different than the rest of the genre. In superhero comics, it’s very hard to just jump in. If you know anything about Marvel comics, it’s that their story lines for their heroes are a bit jumbled. Different artists and authors have different origins and plot lines for the same superhero!

This all got really confusing when I wanted to start reading Captain Marvel. I got really hyped for the 2019 movie because #girlpower and Brie Larson is kickass. I was more than ready for Marvel to have a full length film featuring a badass female hero. However, she wasn’t always a man in the Marvel Universe. First we have Stan Lee’s Captain Marvel (1968), Mar-Vell, who is a dude alien military officer. Then in 1982 we get Captain Marvel as miss Monica Rambeau, a kickass New Orleans police lieutenant. Then I guess we were over having an awesome female hero so in 1993 Captain Marvel is the son of Mar-Vell and gal Elysius, Genis-Vell. In 2004 we get a fourth Captain Marvel in the form of Phyla-Vell, the sister of Genis-Vell. Our fifth Captain Marvel comes to us in Civil War: The Return in 2007 as Khn’nr, a Skrull sleeper (*weird green alien dudes that can shape shift). Then we get some weird storyline about Noh-Varr in 2000 where he uses the alias Captain Marvel when he joins the Dark Avengers, but then he quits when he figures out they’re all bad guys. THEN FINALLY we get the Carol Danvers storyline in 2012 that most people recognize as Captian Marvel and that the 2019 Movie seems to be based on, though not entirely.

But wait there’s more! Feburary 2019, a new Captain Marvel story line drops as part of Marvel’s revamping series where they restart most of our favorite heroes’ story lines (thank god).

So in conclusion, Marvel is super messy when it comes to story lines and characters. I’m jumping into Marvel at quite an interesting time, because a lot of these heroes are getting a makeover, but it’s still nice to track the evolution of a character.

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