The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

I really enjoyed this book. I thought the characters were amazing and very realistic, which is something I always think is so hard to find in contemporary romance novels. Usually the characters I find in romance novels are well built in the beginning, but become out of character or unbelievable when the couple finally starts to date or when they find out they’re in love just so the author can make some really cute, but unbelievable scenes. This was not the case for The Kiss Quotient.

Stella is probably one of my favorite characters I have ever read. She was so relatable, and while her autism was a huge part of the plot for the novel, she wasn’t just her mental illness. Stella is incredibly smart, sweet, and so naive in the most charming way. Hoang did such an amazing job with her that I felt like Stella was sitting right next to me telling me her story rather than only existing on the pages I was reading.

Michael was the perfect amount of dreamy without being too corny. I loved that a huge part of his character was caring for his family. I loved that he was part Vietnamese and that Hoang included a lot about his culture; I also loved all the KPop references of course. 

Helen Hoang made such a great love story with such amazing characters. My only wish, and perhaps the only reason why I rated it four starts instead of five, was that there was so many sex scenes! I get it, they’re in love and both beautiful people. I know that the main plot was that Stella wanted to practice sex because she felt like she wasn’t good at it, but when she decided to practice being in a relationship, I thought the sexiness would simmer down a bit. I wanted more cute Michael and Stella scenes where they weren’t just jumping each other’s bones. They are both really great, complex characters and I wanted to see more of that.

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