TBR Update #1

So…I’m not even sure where to begin on this. I’m a terrible book blogger/reader/person because I haven’t reevaluated my TBR list in…actually I don’t think I ever have. So, each month I will take the bottom five books on my TBR list and decide whether I’ll toss them or read them that month. I’m jumping the gun on this one, so these are books that I will read in April, since you know there’s only a week left of march.

Crooked Kingdom: Keep

I know, I know. You’re probably wondering how on earth have I not read this yet. Honestly I think it’s because I was reading so much YA fantasy that I needed a break from it. The description sounds like something I’ll like, I just haven’t gotten around to it. I haven’t really read much YA fantasy lately so I see no reason to toss it.

Fables Vol 1: Toss

I’m pretty sure I tried to pick this up, but didn’t get too far into this graphic novel. Something about it didn’t really grab me. I feel about it the same way I feel about Neil Gaiman’s Sandman there’s so many issues out that it’s pretty daunting to begin. I’ll come back to it…maybe.

Ghost World: Keep

Another graphic novel that I should have definitely read by now, but haven’t. Honestly there’s no excuse, so I’ll be adding it to my reading list for April.

To Kill a Kingdom: Toss

I don’t even remember adding this one to my list. I figure it was a recommendation or I saw someone that I trust on goodreads review it. The description doesn’t really grab me, and I’m already reading a fantasy novel this month, so I’ll toss this one.

Mary’s Monster: Toss

Look, I love Mary Shelly and I love Frankenstein. I’m a sucker for horror, but for some reason this book is not really speaking to me. Perhaps I’ll stumble upon it another day. Until then though, it needs to not clutter my TBR list.

What on your TBR are you reading next or what are you tossing out? Let me know in the comments so I can make my TBR list even longer…

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