Waves by Ingrid Chabbert and Carole Maurel: A Review

Thank you to BOOM! Studios and Netgalley for providing this ARC.

I will warn that this book deals with a miscarriage, so caution if you are sensitive to such material.

What a beautiful and heartbreaking graphic novel. A young woman and her wife are trying to start a family when tragedy hits. Our dreamy and creative main character is hit with a deep sorrow that sucks the color and beauty out of her world.

One of my favorite aspects about this graphic novel was how Ingrid and Carole tackled the hard topic of grief. The story itself was sad, but I was struck with heartbreak when the pages of the graphic novel suddenly loss their color. It was an interesting way of discussing grief and how one slowly finds their way back to life, not necessarily the same as it was before but able to still appreciate it’s beauty. I loved how Carole Maurel’s illustrations and coloring showed us how our main characters colorless depression slowly began to allow color and happiness back: in the form of her journal, a therapist, their doctor, friends, a restaurant, or something as simple as a cup of coffee.

All these little splashes of color finally began to bring back her colorful life, that shows readers no matter how hard things get or how dull they seem, the smallest things can add up and change your view of the world.

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