Top Ten Tuesday-Audio Freebie

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by thatartsyreadergirl.

This is my first top ten Tuesday, and I’m a bit bummed that it’s audio related. I’m not a fan of audiobooks, I’m so particular about the narrator’s voice. However, this is an audio freebie meaning I get some liberties with this one. So below are my top ten podcasts and music suggestions (plus one audiobook suggestion).

1. CHRVCHES-Graves

This song from their Love is Dead album is my freaking jam. I put it on everyday when I start my walk to work. It’s so upbeat and makes you feel like you’re dancing at a festival instead of walking to work.

2. Gerard Way- Baby You’re a Haunted House

Gerard hasn’t released a full album in years, but he’s nice enough to drop a few singles here and there. This song is such a vibe, I love how obsessed Gerard is with fuzz now. My fiancé and I are having our wedding at a haunted house, and I’m seriously considering having this play at the end of the ceremony (forever an emo kid).

3. The Cocteau Twins- Pearly Dewdrops Drop

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t know about this song until The Perks of Being a Wallflower . I was going through my wear-all-black-and-drink-red-wine-out-of-dixie-cups college phase where you try to prove to everyone how great your music taste is, and it instantly became the song I played when I got passed the aux cord.

4.My Chemical Romance-I Never Told You What I Do for a Living

Remember when all the emo bands had obnoxiously long song titles? This was, and is, one of my top MCR songs. I can’t pick my favorite, that’d be like asking a mother to choose which child to save from a burning building. I just love everything about this song. The lyrics, the guitar, the screechy raspy thing Gerard does with his voice….magnifique.

5. Illenium-Without Me (Halsey Remix)

Don’t come at me for my love of Illenium. Yes I’m aware it is totally out of place among the rest of this list. My fiancé is all about the EDM scene, and let’s be honest…I tolerate it, but when he showed me Illenium I may have had a change of heart. AND he did a song with Halsey? I love her voice and lyrics, plus this song is so savage it’s hard not to love it.

6. Casual Interactions

I’m not huge on podcasts, but if the person who hosts it or the subject is something I can vibe with, I’ll dabble into a few episodes while on the bus. Casual Interactions is one that I’ll pause my TV for though. By the end of this post you’ll know my love for MCR and the band mates is unyielding. This podcasts is hosted by Frank Iero, guitarist of MCR, and some of his old pals
John Hambone McGuire and Shaun Simon. They have known each other since high school and formed a band when they were all really young. It’s really just a bunch of rad dads reminiscing about the shit they got into as punk kids. It’s precious and should grace your ears.

7. Lead Singer Syndrome

This podcast is super interesting if you are obsessed with bands like me. One of my favorites was the episode about Wil Francis, lead singer of the band Aiden and also William Control. What this podcasts does that other music related ones don’t is allow the singer to direct the conversation and go into a storytelling rant, which is all what we really want.

8. Well Actually

This is a pretty new podcast, they only have a few episodes in their library, but it’s worth mentioning. Essentially this podcast is just about two women gushing over all things nerdy who put a bit of a feminist spin on things. Their latest episode tackles why Captain Marvel (2019) got so much hate and bad reviews before it was even out (spoiler: it was the patriarchy).

9. Jenna & Julian

Jenna is such an a gift to this Earth. I’ve watched her on YouTube since the dawn of the site and still follow her to this day. Her and Julian are perfect and create such a quality piece of entertainment, it’s almost too much.

10. Literally the only audiobook on this list…the Harry Potter audiobooks

I hate audiobooks. Most narrators are obnoxious and I can’t stand them, but the Harry Potter ones are top notch. Fight me on it. (JK don’t I’m trying to only send positive vibes).

What have you guys been listening to? Suggest an audiobook if you think the narrator is tolerable. Perhaps I need to give them another chance.

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday-Audio Freebie

  1. I looked up who narrates the Harry Potter books, looks like Stephen Fry. He narrates A LOT of audiobooks. I’d work in reverse to find audiobooks you like. Find narrators you like and look up what they narrated.

    The only tried and true narrator I have so far is Ray Porter, but he has a very different feel from Fry so I don’t know that I’d recommend him for you.

    Full cast audiobooks are wonderful! World War Z while not being my favorite book had excellent audio. Each part was narrated by someone new (Mark Hamill was one!). Stephen King’s Bazaar of Bad Dreams was another favorite, had a large cast.

    I’ve also heard very good things about Ann Leckie’s audiobooks, specifically the narrator.


    1. Oh man thanks for the suggestions! I think that’s my biggest issue when it comes to audiobooks, I just assume that I’ll like the audio version of my favorite books and then I’m always disappointed by the narrator.

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      1. I totally understand! I have EXACTLY the same issue. So I find narrators I like and then see what books they read. I actually think narrator is more important than content when it comes to audio. I hope you find something you love!

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