March Wrap Up

So I’ve officially been blogging for about a week now, and it’s pretty rad. I’m still getting used to it, and am trying to be as active as possible. I love that this little blogging world (actually it’s not very little) feels like a community. I think it’s great that we are all exchanging information and bouncing ideas off one another.

So…enough gushing. I have seen wrap ups done a few different ways. I mostly follow book blogs so many bloggers will note what they’ve read for the month and their thoughts. I have also seen it where bloggers just chat about their month in general and discuss what they liked, which is what my posts will probably be more like.

Some of my favorite reads:

I really got swept away by the Outlander fandom and binged watched the third and fourth season within a week ( I only had a week free trial guys, I had to watch two full seasons like a madman). So, I read the third and fourth book of the Outlander series as well, Voyager and Drums of Autumn. They were lovely, they were amazing, they were…so long. Because of this, I supplemented a lot of my other reads in forms of light and fun graphic novels.

I LOVE LOVE LOVED Marvel Powers of a Girl. I recently got really into graphic novels, and just started to really read Marvel comics. I made a post about how difficult that journey was, but how awesome it feels to be immersed in the Marvel Universe.

Some of my favorite blogs and blog posts:

One of my favorite posts that I’ve read this week was “Where Are the Comic Books at the Library?” by @KrystaPages Unbound | Book Reviews & Discussions.

This post brought up such a great point about the lack of the graphic novel genre in local libraries. The discussion that this post made was awesome and really got me thinking about the library I work at and what we can do to improve and be more inclusive to other genres.

I also have really enjoyed @Sara @ The Bibliophagist.

Her blog is just so lovely and I have really enjoyed the various reviews, tags, and book discussions.

Other favorites:

My fiancé and I saw Captain Marvel opening weekend and it was everything I hoped it would be. Without spoiling anything, I loved that she was such a strong character and that there wasn’t a romantic subplot (*cough, cough* Wonder Woman *cough*). And also, Goose was amazing!

We also saw Jordan Peele’s Us opening weekend (we’re big movie fans in our household) and it was so great! My fiancé kept muttering “This is the best movie I’ve seen” over and over. I can’t even talk much about it without spoiling anything. But, if you’ve seen Get Out you know how great Jordan Peele is and you know that there’s definitely a deeper meaning for what you’re seeing on screen.

That’s it from me. What have been some of your favorites of this month? Comment below and give me some recommendations for next month!

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