Wild and Crooked | A Book Review

Thank you to Bloomsbury and Net Galley for this ARC.

I struggled a bit getting into this book, but once I kept with it I was so happy I did. The characters make this book. Each character is so well rounded and practically jumps off the page. Gus, of course, was my favorite. I love how selfless he was and how much he cared about the people around him.

My favorite thing about this book was how Leah Thomas handled certain topics, such as sexuality and disability. Gus has Cerebral Palsy, and while he does discuss the hardships that come with it, he doesn’t make it his whole identity. That’s a common theme among Thomas’s characters, they have so many aspects to their characterization that one trait that might have been a defining trait in another book, is simply stated in hers. Her characters are bisexual, lesbian, and pan-sexual, but she doesn’t make their sexuality a huge plot point of the book, like we see in many YA novels. Their sexuality simply exists, and it was really refreshing to read LGBTQIA characters without their sexuality being a huge drama causing thing.

The plot moves at a comfortable pace. The climax hits right in the middle of the novel, and the second half is quite an emotional roller coaster. I found that the ending was satisfying, and tied up a lot of the plot lines.

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