Young Adult New Releases I’m Excited For

For a while I’ve felt a bit uninspired by the Young Adult genre. Nothing really has stood out to me or made me want to stop everything and read. But as I was scrolling through goodreads, I found myself shelving a lot of new Young Adult novels in my TBR. Here’s some that I’m most excited about:

Opposite of Always

I’m really not a fan of time travel books. I know, I probably lost some of my readers here. It just seems like most of these plots have the same formula…our main character witnesses something horrible and must relive the day over and over until they fix it. BUT, this book seems so precious and I’m sure it’s going to break my heart.

You Asked for Perfect

I’m pretty much a sucker for enemies to relationships trope. I feel so connected with this book. I was super stressed my senior year of high school. I felt that everyone else had made their plans for colleges and that I needed to prove to everyone how well I have my stuff together. Ariel is first chair violin, dedicated community volunteer, and expected valedictorian, but he still needs help from a tutor. Enter Amir, who he doesn’t get along with but desperately needs to pass Calculus. This seems like it’s going to be such a cute book!

Night Music

This seems like such an interesting read. Ruby Chertok comes from an impressive family who has a big influence in classical music. When Ruby bombs an audition, it seems like she won’t fit into her family’s perfect world anymore. Oscar has a chance to study under Martin Chertok, and there’s no way he’s going to jeopardize that opportunity over a silly crush, right?

I’m so impressed that what would be a simply YA romance, is actually going to be much more. Jenn Marie Thorne uses this story to shed light on race and white privilege and I’m excited to see how this book plays out.

What YA new releases have piqued your interest? Leave me some suggestions below in the comments!

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