Thoughts about The Life of Captain Marvel

It’s no secret that I love Marvel and I love Captain Marvel. If you’ve been within five feet of me or have spent at least five minutes on my blog you know how obsessed I am right now. I waited “patiently” for my turn to read The Life of Captain Marvel and thought I would devour it in one sitting. That surprisingly wasn’t the case.

I know a lot of people have issues with this book. Some people really don’t vibe well with Carol having an abusive past, and that being a main focus of her story here. I can see that. I think the whole abusive father figure is pretty worn in superhero stories, but guys that storyline is really realistic. It happens. Not everyone gets a happy, traditional family. Am I a bit annoyed that it wasn’t more flushed out? Sure. Do I think it was a bit melodramatic at times? Absolutely. But, I don’t think it was so lucrative that it derailed the whole story. 

What I liked the most about this book was that it made Carol a bit more human. I loved that Tony was in her right corner cheering her on to get better and confront her past. I think that it brought positively to mental illness and seeking help, which are always important messages to have in a book.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. I like what the writers did with Carol’s character and I enjoyed the other side characters as well.

Have you guys read this book yet? What do you all think of the direction they took? What’s your favorite Captain Marvel comic?

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