Top Five Tuesdays: Books I love to Re-Read

I decided to switch it up this Tuesday and participate in another Top Tuesday prompt. Top Five Tuesdays are created by Shanah @ the Bionic Bookworm.

Re-reading books is my favorite. If I ever feel like I’m in a reading slump I tend to return to old favorites to rekindle my love of reading, or if I’m feeling pretty down I like to return to my favorite worlds and hang out with some of the best characters out there. Here are my favorite books to read over and over again:

1- Outlander

I’m relatively new to this series and world; I only read Outlander last summer, but I’ve been obsessed with this series ever since. The first book, of course, is the best and I have re-read it a few times in such a short time. It’s a hefty book, but I love the world that Diana Gabaldon creates and I could read Jamie and Claire fall in love over and over again.

2- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

I wonder how many people will put this book on their list. It’s a classic for a reason, and while the rest of the series is beautiful and amazing, there’s something about reading Harry’s first experiences with magic that makes it one of my most favorite books. I love how simplistic and optimistic the first book is compared to the books later on in the series.


This is one of the books that I will read if I’m feeling down in the world. I love Cather, and really identify with her. I was definitely one of those girls in high school who lived and breathed fan fiction because it was so much more fulfilling than real high school life. I also enjoy reading Cather’s journey in becoming her own person, separate from her twin, and feeling comfortable in her own skin. This book is like a big hug and a great pep talk all in one.

4- Not the Life it Seems: The True Lives of My Chemical Romance

Ok, this one is totally out of place with my other choices and I get that. As a former emo kid this book is like Christmas and your best Birthday all in one. I am a die hard MCR fan (totally have their lyrics tattooed, NBD) and I love Gerard Way so obviously I love this book. I re-read this book almost every few months. It feels good to know that a group of misfit boys made it cool to wear all black and watch horror movies, they totally made me feel more validated as a teen and I will forever support them and their legacy. Tom Bryant was a journalist that the guys respected and trusted, so a lot of what went down in the band gets told in this book without any weird distortion of the truth. If you’re a fan of this band or even the emo music era, then you should probably get your hands on this bad boy. Ok, Ok, I’m done gushing over the best band ever.

5- The Perks of Being a Wallflower

This book was like my Holy Bible in college. I know it’s about a freshman in high school, but a lot of what is talked about applies to you no matter what age you are. I’ve read it almost once every year since I first bought my copy and still feel like I take away a new lesson each time. It’s the book that I gift the most and totally don’t feel distraught or nervous when I lend my copy to someone else, because I know that the person reading it is in for a treat.

Alright, so that’s my list. This was probably the quickest post I’ve ever written because it was so easy to pick my favorite re-reads. Let me know what books you love to read over and over again in the comments below!

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